Enjoy Ultra-first, Low-cost mmWave 5G services anywhere
using KREEMO's 360° Antenna solutions

SPA(Stackable Patch Antenna)

  • PCB K360° 4

  • LTCC K360° 4

Key Features
Operates Frequency: 26.5 – 29.5 GHz (5G NR n257 band)
No. ANT/RF ports: 8 electronically controllable RF channels
TRX characterization
  1. Ultra-low TX and RX Power Consumption
  2. High-Power Stacked SOI CMOS PAs
  3. Low-loss T/R switches for TDD applications
  4. 11.25 deg-step 360°-range phase shifting per path
    (6’th bit phase control for linearization)
  5. 0.5 dB-step 15 dB-range Variable Gain per path
  6. 20 dB Common Gain Control
  7. On-chip Temperature Sensor
Overall size: 40 mm x 35 mm x 2.2 mm
12 Layers laminated by PCB technology
Three orthogonally-oriented radiation
(two broadside directions, endfire direction)

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